Tuesday, June 28, 2011

OPA Tuesday June 28, 2011 (Workers assemble first Corvette in Flint, Michigan)

Hope the break last week was good. I did it to prepare you for this weeks OPA which will actually span the next three weeks and is due on July 19. This is a power full assignment that is good for everyone at every level. It is an exploration in technique basics and will help you find a technique that will showcase your skills and work habit. the assignment it this...
 You are to do 5 paintings on 5 different canvases of the same exact image. The image should be a portrait or landscape, taken from a camera. Do not re-imagine the picture in anyway after it is taken. For this assignment to be good we have to take all the content variables out of the painting. This assignment works best when you do not have to think about composition, content, changing lighting. Keep it simple, because its all about this, and this is the important bit... each of the 5 paintings needs to be done in a different technique. (ex. alla prima/ layers/ pallet knife)
I came up with this assignment last year when I was in a rut. I was painting everyday but it seemed basic things were holding me back. some parts of the paintings I could not believe I did and other parts looked terrible because I had no control of the variables in the painting. This assignment is perfect for this.
When it is done, line up these paintings next to each other  and really think to yourself which bits you liked and what did you hate. You will be combining  all the technique and process you like for a final and 6th painting next time on OPA three weeks from now, but lets get to that later.
This is an example of my best out of five last year. I drew the painting in raw umber and then used thin layers for color.

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