Tuesday, May 31, 2011

OPA Tuesday May 31, 2011 (The day St. Stephens tower rings for the first time)

Welcome back to another OPA tuesday!

As a note, you still have all day today to post for last tuesday's opa. I will not be posting until late because of a funeral but I will get everyone's sorted before the days end. But let me tell you about todays opa.

This is a challenge and I really hope everyone considers taking it! The assignment (should you choose to accept it) is to do 20 figures in a landscape! now, now, before you freak out here is the mad logic. firstly this is a huge jump from portrait but that assignment was to get everyone settled. Secondly, I know you guys can do it, you have the technology. Third, this will force you to get good at putting figures in the landscape by the time you put your 10th person in the landscape.

A few tips:
Start in the background, as you get figures painted, it will be easier to go from abstracted, simple, two tone background figures to ones in focus in the foreground

Work from life in a crowded place... that way you can edit who goes into your painting but enough people are there to give you ideas (spoilers i'm probably doing mine at the beach)

Last hint, don't get angry at it, 20 figures in a painting is hard, it will be a good exercise, and will probably be one of those things where this one might suck but the next simple figure you do in a landscape will be boss. Good luck and have fun!
Maybe something with a little more depth but you get the idea

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